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Welcome to AYME!

New to AYME?

Thank you for joining our network of thousands of young members - and this website is a great place to get information, connect with others and make new friends.

The best place to get started, is to read our Eight ways to make the most of your AYME membership guide which tells you  how you can get involved in our community of members, whether through volunteering or by following us on social media. You may also be eligible to join up to some of AYME's other services, such as:

SAMs (Severely Affected Members). If you didn't join us as a SAM but your health has deteriorated, please keep us informed by emailing SAMs can request a buddy writer, join a SAMs notebook and will benefit from other services such as a Christmas card and annual newsletter.

 AYME Graduates. If you are aged 24 or over you can join AYME Graduates. Grads was set up for AYME members who have turned 26 and are no longer eligible for AYME membership, but who still have ME/CFS and would still like to benefit from the support they received.  They also have their own SAMs service. If you are interested in joining AYME Graduates or would like more information then please contact


We can try to match you with other AYME members by post or email (or both!). If you contact you will be sent a questionnaire, and once you've filled it in and sent it back to us we will try to match you with another member with similar interests.

Notebooks - A notebook is sent around a small group of AYMErs (usually around 4 to 7). The idea is that each person reads through the notebook and then writes their own entry before passing it on to the next person in the group, waiting for it to come around again several months later. It's a nice way to stay in touch with a group of members.

There are several different types of notebook: a regular notebook (for everyone), SAMs (for severely affected), 18+ (for AYMErs ages 18 and over), Creative (to share arts, crafts and other creative projects and ideas), Book & DVD club and Inspirations (to share pictures, quotes, poems, jokes, etc that you find uplifting). If you're interested in joining the notebook scheme please contact

Local Contacts - A local contact is an AYME member who runs a group for members in their area. Their job is to stay in touch with the AYMErs in their group regularly, help put you in touch with others in your area, and (sometimes) organise get-togethers. If you want to be put in touch with your local contact, please email If you think you may not be well enough to respond when your local contact gets in touch, it is worth mentioning it when you fill in your request form so they are aware.

Bunting Bee - Can you knit, sew or crochet? Let your creativity loose and volunteer to make bunting for our SAMs. Download our patterns to get started!

SAMs Buddies - Let's buddy up! If you're a SAM who would like a ‘buddy' (someone who writes to you without expecting a reply or if you would like to become a buddy writer, email

Cheers - You can write a profile for Cheers (AYME's magazine), with details like your name, age, a little about your ME/CFS and hobbies and interests. If you would like people to contact you, you can ask them to write or email you via the AYME office so they can pass it on to you (AYME doesn't publish AYMErs' personal details in Cheers). Please note that while AYME will check that any correspondence directed to you is from an AYME member, they are unable to check that members are who they say they are. Email  for more info.

Secret Santa - A Service where AYME members can send a Christmas gift, anonymously, to another AYME member. This service runs in the latter end of each year, further details are announced on the message board or email for more info  (please be aware this email account is not checked all year round)

Volunteering for AYME - Have you got a special talent you can share? Or a desire to help or reach out to others? For more information on volunteering with AYME, click here.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about your membership, please contact the AYME office at, on 0330 2211223 , or by writing to us at AYME, Tickford House, Tickford Arcade, Silver Street, Newport Pagnell, MK16 0EX.

Need some help?

Online Services Team - The online services team manages the running of your AYME members area and  message board.  If you have any problems with your AYME online registration, email

Message Board Moderating - A list of the moderating team's email addresses can be found in  the message board ,If you have any questions on using the message board, queries  or concerns regarding posts put on the message board, contact the moderators via the ‘Moderator Category' section and click 'Contacting AYME Moderators' 

If you are having any problems with our website please contact