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We run a members-only message board, where members can talk to each other online.  If you are a young person in the UK who has ME/CFS, joining AYME is free - all you need to do is complete our online registration form. Once your application has been approved (which may take up to a week), you will be able to click through to the members' area of this site. 

You'll find the message board in the Forum section of the members' area. You can post messages on the board or just look and see what other people have written.  If you are over 18, you can also use our personal messaging service, which allows older AYME members to send personal messages to each other like private email.

Many members feel nervous about using the message board at first, but there is no need as everyone is very friendly and helpful!

For more information on how AYME helps break the isolation felt by many young people who suffer from ME/CFS feel, please go to the welcome page of the Members Area.

AYME Graduates is for young people who are over 26 and are no longer eligible for membership of AYME, but who still have ME/CFS and still benefit from the type of support AYME offers (please note that a small membership fee applies).

AYME Parents & Carers is for ME/CFS-professionals, parents, carers and families, who can join AYME as Associates for support, information and networking. Please note that a small membership fee applies. The Parents & Careres area of our website - including the forum - is now up and running for members' use. Register now!

AYME Supporters is for those who wish to support AYME in all the work we do, and receive news, research and fundraising updates. Please note that a small membership fee applies. 

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AYME exists for its members, who are young people and children. To ensure the protection of these members, their families and/or carers, every effort is made to maintain the security/accuracy of any data held and to monitor the integrity of the advice and support given by AYME. AYME is registered under the Data Protection Act, no. Z9020055.

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If you are a registered member but have forgotten your username, please email with your full name and they will be able to help you.