More about AYME

AYME volunteers of all ages help to carry out the day-to-day delivery of our membership services. 

Five members of staff work in the office. They support the work of the volunteers; take responsibility for special projects; staff the information/helpline; send out information; maintain the databases and manage all financial aspects of the charity. They also work on developing the charity, raising funds through trusts and company giving, and communicating with the media.

Our CEO, Mary-Jane Willows, spends most of her time working on your behalf to raise awareness of M.E./CFS at government level (including the Departments of Health and Education and attending All Party parliamentary meetings) to make sure that the stories of children and young people with M.E./CFS are heard. At present, much of her time is also spent supporting crisis cases -  those members and families who are facing particular hardship and challenges, such as Child Protection issues, where professionals don't believe or understand the condition.

Four professional advisors help AYME in the fields of medicine, education, psychiatry, diet and research.

The Board of Trustees (which aims to always include two AYME members) meets bi-monthly and provides governance and legal responsibility for the charity. 

AYME is a registered charity 1082059, company registration 03981646.

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Working for you

Being the voice of children and young people with ME/CFS is a serious responsibility, and it's our job to represent our members' best interests with the government, local authorities, health authorities and other professional organisations – as well, of course, as the press.  This can mean involvement in research projects, acting as advisors, or actively lobbying on our members' behalf.

AYME is also involved with a significant number of working groups.