Corporate support

We are committed to developing lasting and meaningful partnerships with businesses across the UK for mutual benefit.

Why choose AYME?

Your support will help us to continue to provide valuable resources - and often a lifeline - for thousands of children and young people across the UK who have ME/CFS.  However you choose to partner with AYME, we'll provide you with:

•    A selection of fundraising ideas
•    Opportunities for employee volunteering
•    National, regional and local PR opportunities
•    A choice of projects to fund to suit your CSR objectives

How your business can get involved:

Charity of the year
Choose AYME as your adopted charity and show your commitment to social responsibility in the community.

One-off or regular donations
Help support AYME in making a difference to children and young people with ME/CFS by making a one-off or regular corporate donation.

Employee fundraising
CSR is all about giving something back to the community; yet it also plays a valuable role in employee engagement.  For example, by taking up one of our fundraising challenges, your employees can enjoy the benefits of supporting AYME, working with colleagues in new and different ways, and having some fun in the process - all of which is great for morale! 

Visit our fundraising page for more ideas on how your company can get involved.

Payroll giving (Give as You Earn)
Your employees can make regular donations to AYME direct from their wages each month. It's tax-free and it's automatic, making it easy the them; and providing us with a regular income to help us continue to support children and young people with ME/CFS.

HMRC information on payroll giving for employers
HMRC information on payroll giving for individuals


Companies that have recently supported AYME: