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We are pleased to announce that AYME will soon be joining Action for M.E. This will take place on Monday 3 April, when AYME will close and Action for M.E. will launch a new Children's Services Team.

Our Chief Executive Mary-Jane Willows will lead Action for M.E.'s Children's Services, and we are undertaking consultation with our staff regarding their transfer to our team.

AYME has been running for 21 years now. Since that time we've welcomed thousands of members; we've been right there with many of them during some very difficult times, as well as some really positive moments and achievements. But now it's time for a new chapter, and we hope you'll join us.

The Boards of Trustees of both charities wholeheartedly believe that this decision will benefit children, young people, adults and families affected by M.E., for three key reasons:

1. We can support more people, more effectively.
The services that have been provided by AYME will, from Monday 3 April, be offered by experienced staff and dedicated volunteers as part of Action for M.E.'s Children's Services Team. Every child, young person, parent and carer who currently makes use of these services can continue to do so.

By integrating services for children, young people and adults with M.E., we will improve continuity of support across all age groups. Not only will we continue to ensure that people affected by M.E. can access the information and support they need, at the time they need it most, but we will also develop our services to reach even more people.

2. We can work more efficiently.
We want to make sure that every penny raised to support children and adults affected by M.E. goes as far as it possibly can. We are confident that, by delivering services in this way, we will create better value for money and be better able to secure additional resources to increase the work we do.

3. We can speak louder and with one voice.
By supporting both children and adults in this way, we can create more opportunities to raise the profile of M.E. and its impact. We will continue to keep the voice of children and adults affected by M.E. at the heart of everything we do.

We are writing to all AYME members and affiliates to tell them about this decision and ensure they understand what it means for them. We can reassure you that the services and support AYME has offered up to now will still be available.

To find out more about how this decision was made and the right person to contact for more information, please read our FAQ.

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